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The ORNL Metrology Laboratory staff is happy to discuss your specific Metrology needs and to provide information regarding past or current calibration work for you. 

For the fastest and most accurate information, please contact the ORNL Metrology Laboratory staff member as listed below for their specific areas of responsibility:

  • For general laboratory questions or to determine the best staff member to provide you with needed information or to request a quotation

Mike Duncan
Metrology Lab General Manager
Phone: 865-574-7349

  • For questions regarding technical capabilities, available standards, uncertainties or procedures

Joe Keck
Metrology Operations Coordinator
Phone: 865-241-1428

  • For questions regarding schedules (for current or potential new calibrations), calibration report and  statuses

Greg Strickland
Metrology Laboratory Technical Manager
Phone: 865-241-4403

Normal Laboratory Operating hours are 7:00am -5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

  • For questions regarding dimensional, Torque or Mass/Balance Calibration.

Brian Sizemore
Metrology Lab Mass/Torque/Dimensional Task Manager
Phone: 865-574-8978

Any reference to "accredited" or "accreditation" refers to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and applies to calibration services only as performed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200159-0). Refer to the ORNL NVLAP scope of accreditation for details.

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