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Dr. Howard Layer and Greg Strickland work with the Iodine-stabilized laser frequency/wavelength standard      Bill Wright confirming the Iodine-stabilized laser is locked on the correct peak

The ORNL Metrology Laboratory (ORNLML) maintains an intrinsic Iodine-stabilized laser frequency and wavelength standard for certifying the frequency and/or wavelength of Helium-Neon (HeNe) lasers.  HeNe lasers are typically used for dimensional measurements and velocity/speed measurements using laser interferometers.  The frequency/wavelength of the laser is a contributor to the uncertainty of dimensional measurements using laser interferometry and must be considered when establishing traceability of laser interferometers.   The ORNL Metrology Laboratory can also provide calibration for other applications where knowledge of the frequency/wavelength of HeNe lasers is important. The ORNLML is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) for laser wavelength over the range of 632.989841 to 632.992764 nm with an uncertainty of 0.09 parts in 109,K=2.



Any reference to "accredited" or "accreditation" refers to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and applies to calibration services only as performed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200159-0). Refer to the ORNL NVLAP scope of accreditation for details.

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