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The ORNL Metrology Laboratory provides on-demand pipette calibration and maintenance using a state-of-the-art pipette calibration system located on-site in the Metrology Lab.  ORNL Metrology is capable of performing calibrations and maintenance on both Air Displacement and Positive Displacement pipettes.  Pipette calibration and maintenance services are available for almost any brand pipette.  Parts for the most popular pipettes used at ORNL are stocked in the Metrology Lab to provide fast service.  Pipette calibration and maintenance services include the following features:

Pipette Maintenance Service

  • Complete disassembly, inspection, cleaning and lubrication
  • Replacement of broken, worn or damaged parts, as needed
  • Functional testing

Note:   Selection of “Maintenance Only” service is recommended only for those pipettes whose purpose is dispensing only.   There is no calibration of the pipette performed during this service procedure.  External means, other than the pipette indication,  should be used to determine the volume of liquid dispensed using pipettes receiving “Maintenance Only” service.  If the pipette volume setting is to be used to measure the dispensed liquid, it is strongly recommended that a complete calibration be performed to establish the performance of the pipette.

Pipette Calibration Service

  • “As-Found” data is collected and reported to establish the pipette performance as received in the Metrology Lab
  • Complete pipette maintenance as described above
  • Full calibration of the pipette including adjustment  and collection of “As-Left” data
  • Complete calibration report, including “As-Found” and “As-Left” data and conformity analysis (Pass/Fail status).
  • All measurements are fully NIST-Traceable with well-established uncertainties
  • Systematic calibration uncertainty as low as 0.415 micro liters (K=2)
  • Random calibration uncertainty as low as 0.055 micro liters (K=2)

Any reference to "accredited" or "accreditation" refers to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and applies to calibration services only as performed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200159-0). Refer to the ORNL NVLAP scope of accreditation for details.

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