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The first step in obtaining services from the ORNL Metrology Laboratory is to confirm that the laboratory is capable of performing the service to your expectations and that the ORNL Metrology Laboratory’s performance of the work is not in direct competition with private-sector laboratories.  This can be accomplished by contacting either the Metrology Laboratory’s Manager,  or the Metrology Laboratory’s Technical Manager as listed in the “Contacts” page.

Once it has been determined that the ORNL Metrology Laboratory is capable of providing the service, a Request for Quotation online form should be completed, describing the service thoroughly, including:

  • The type of measurement/calibration to be performed
  • Complete description of the range over which the measurement/calibration is to be performed
  • Complete description of the device(s) to be measured/calibrated including manufacturer/model number
  • Description of the acceptance criteria to be used to determine the acceptability/unacceptability of the device’s performance during testing (This may be satisfied by requiring manufacturer’s specifications to be met).
  • Description of any special procedures or processes to be used in the performance of the service
  • Whether the calibration/measurement is required to be performed by an accredited laboratory
  • Company name, contact person, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Upon receipt of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) online form, the ORNL Metrology Laboratory will review the RFQ to ensure its capability to perform the work and will return a quotation, including a cost (based on our standard rate structure) and estimated time to perform the work after receipt equipment and execution of proper contracting documents.   If the quotation is acceptable, the customer will advise the ORNL Metrology Laboratory contact who will initiate the process to establish a formal contractual arrangement (called a Material and Services Order) between ORNL and the customer.  This process will normally require 2-3 days.

The customer will receive, via email, the Material and Services Order and an Advanced Payment Invoice. NOTE: Advance payment is required for all work under the terms of our Prime Contract with DOE. Advance Payment must be made using PayPal which accepts various methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Connect with PayPal recipient is qpg@ornl.gov.

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Once the Materials and Services Order form is signed, returned and payment is received, the ORNL Metrology Laboratory will provide details for shipment of your equipment to ORNL, perform the requested services and return ship the equipment to you  Please do not ship equipment to ORNL prior to receipt of details to be used for shipment.  ORNL cannot be responsible for equipment shipped prior to authorization.

For customers who anticipate an on-going need for services from the ORNL Metrology Laboratory, a “Blanket Agreement” can be established which pre-establishes the contractual arrangement  and requires only a “release” against that “Blanket Arrangement” and funding to enable the ORNL Metrology to commence work.

The contracting arrangements for Federal, State and Local Governmental organizations and contractors for those organizations are slightly different and are somewhat dependent upon the specific organization requesting services.  Please contact the ORNL Metrology Laboratory to determine the process for obtaining services for those specific organizations.


Any reference to "accredited" or "accreditation" refers to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and applies to calibration services only as performed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200159-0). Refer to the ORNL NVLAP scope of accreditation for details.

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