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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July 1994; 6(2)

BCM Genome Center Adds More Services

WWW Server

A World Wide Web (WWW) server at the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) Genome Center distributes genome information being discovered at BCM and other centers. X Mosaic, a browsing tool that originated at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, gives access to WWW servers and includes information on the following:

YEAST ARTIFICIAL CHROMOSOME (YAC) DATA SEARCHES: data generated at BCM, CEPH- Genethon, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

BIOLOGIST'S CONTROL PANEL: easy access to database searches and various libraries and literature.

GENOME CENTER COMPUTING HELP: answers to frequently asked questions and help on topics related to computing.

X Mosaic can be obtained by anonymous ftp from, and the file README.FIRST supplies further instructions. The Mosaic software is in the directory /Web. X Mosaic will display on X-window devices such as X terminals, UNIX workstation consoles, and Macs running MacX. Current versions of Mosaic for the Macintosh and PC Windows do not support all features necessary to use the forms on the BCM WWW server. The uniform resource locator (URL) for the BCM Genome Center is . Questions and comments should be addressed to . [Joanna Power and Bob Cottingham, BCM]

Mouse YAC Screening Service

The Baylor Cloning Core Laboratory has received and prepared for multistep PCR screening a collection of about 53,000 mouse YAC clones. The collection includes 40,000 clones from Steve Brown (St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, U.K.) and 13,000 from Hans Lehrach (Imperial Cancer Research Fund, U.K.). Because the funding for this effort is very limited, the Baylor laboratory will furnish DNA samples and clones but will not conduct PCR and gel analyses. The amount of sample sent will depend on estimated screening needs and availability, and costs for overnight shipping will be paid by the recipient. [Contact for further information and request form - Fax: 713/798-5386 or -8597, Internet: yaclab@ .]

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