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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, September 1994; 6(3):4

Database Distribution and Access Details


[National Institute of Genetics; Yata, Mishima, Japan 411 (+81-559/75-0771, Fax: -6040).]

  • General inquiries:
  • Data submission:
  • Data updates:
  • FastA e-mail server:
  • FastA e-mail server trouble report:
  • Ftp server: or
  • Help: README on /directory and README.dna on /dna directory
[Newsletter: A substantial part of DDBJ News Letter is written in English. Subscription contact: Naruya Saitou, Editor (Internet:]

EMBL Database

[European Bioinformatics Institute; Hinxton Hall; Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 IRQ, U.K. (+44-1223/494-400, Fax: -468).]

  • Data submissions:
  • Entry corrections:
  • General inquiries:
  • E-mail file server:
  • Network server help:
  • Ftp:
  • WWW:
  • MPsrch protein sequence search server:
  • FastA sequence search server:
  • Quicksearch sequence search server:
GenBank Database

[NCBI; National Library of Medicine; Bldg. 38A; 8600 Rockville Pike; Bethesda, MD 20894 (User Services: 301/496-2475, Fax: /480-9241, Internet:]

  • Sequence Submissions:
  • Sequence Updates:
  • Authorin assistance:
  • Retrieve e-mail server:



  • BLAST sequence similarity e-mail server:



  • Bulk EST or STS submission information:
  • Searching dbEST or dbSTS: Help:
  • Network Entrez information:
  • Network BLAST information:
  • WWW-NCBI Home Page:
  • CD ROM subscription info, order forms: Entrez CD-ROM help:
[Newsletter: NCBI News (see NCBI contact information under GenBank).]


[National Center for Genome Resources; 1800 Old Pecos Trail; Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505/982-7840, Fax: -7690).]

  • Relational satellites:
  • WWW server:
  • General information:
  • Sequence submissions:
  • Updates and corrections:
  • Off-site user accounts:
  • Obtaining Authorin: ftp
  • Authorin information:
  • Ftp server:

    GSDB software and documentation, including the complete relational schema manual: ftp (

HGMIS staff

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