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Vol.11, No. 3-4   July 2001

MGI Release 2.7 Enhances Allele Detail Searching

Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI; http://www.informatics.jax.org) provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse. Release 2.7 incorporates the following enhancements to the "Allele Detail" page.

  • New query field for "Promoter Notes" can be used to search for when and where a transgene is expressed. "Molecular Information" (previously "Molecular Description") section may include mutations, ES cell line and strain, promoter, notes (molecular), and reference (molecular).
  • References associated with a phenotypic allele used experimentally or included as a major part of a review article are added. The page also displays three other kinds of references ("Original Reference" reporting the creation or discovery of a spontaneous or genetically engineered allele; "Molecular Information" reference describing or identifying the molecular nature of the mutation responsible for a given phenotypic allele; and "Synonym References" containing an allele synonym).
  • "Gene Expression in This Mutant" includes the number of assays, with a link to a display on the "GXD Expression Summary" page of all expression data assayed in mice carrying the allele. The "Allele Detail" page no longer displays the mode of inheritance if it is not applicable.

Allele Query Form [http://www.informatics.jax.org/searches/allele_form.shtml]

Help document on Using the Allele Query Form http://www.informatics.jax.org/userdocs/allele_help.shtml

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