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Human Genome Quarterly, Winter 1990; 1(3)

Interagency Five-Year Human Genome Plan Submitted for Approval

To achieve the complementary goals and objectives of the two U.S. federal agencies having formal human genome programs, DOE and NIH have prepared an interagency five-year plan that describes synergistic, integrated approaches to facilitating coordination between the programs. In October 1988, the two agencies had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with these goals in mind.

The five-year plan was written in response to requests made to NIH from Congress for a report describing a comprehensive spending plan and optimal strategy for mapping and sequencing the human genome. At the invitation of NIH, DOE coauthored the report. The working group that drafted the document in the latter part of 1989 included six consultants representing the NIH Program Advisory Committee on the Human Genome, six representing DOE's Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (HERAC), and six other scientists selected at large, in addition to staff from each agency.

Endorsed by the advisory committees of the agencies, the five-year-plan updates previous reports on the U.S. Human Genome Project that were prepared by HERAC, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Anticipated annual updates of the plan will incorporate new developments and advances in genome research and technology.

When approved by each agency and submitted to Congress, the document will be distributed to everyone on the mailing list of this newsletter and will also be available to anyone requesting a copy.

Reported by Benjamin J. Barnhart, Manager
DOE OHER Human Genome Program

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