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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome Quarterly, Winter 1990; 1(3)

HGM10 Plotbooks, Diskettes, and Proceedings Available

The "Plotbook" and diskettes based on data compiled and integrated at the Tenth International Workshop on Human Gene Mapping (HGM10), which was held at Yale University in June l989, are now available. They are produced as a joint effort of the HGM10 Yale University organizers and staff and the Human Gene Mapping Library (HGML) staff, who are supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). HHMI and the NIH grant that supported HGM10 have underwritten the printing and duplication costs. Distribution fee for each is $20.00. Checks payable to "Yale University-HGM10 Plotbook" should be sent to: HGML, Attention: Plotbooks; 25 Science Park; New Haven, CT 06511.

Human Gene Mapping 10 (ed. K. K. Kidd, H. P. Klinger and F. H. Ruddle), an 1150-page compilation of 29 expert committee reports and 700 abstracts of HGM10, is available for $156.00 from S. Karger Publishers, Inc., Farmington, CT 06085.


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