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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July 1990; 2(2)

Johns Hopkins University Launches Genome Data Base

Johns Hopkins University has launched the Genome Data Base (GDB), a networked resource designed to support worldwide efforts to map and sequence the human genome. GDB will collect, organize, store, and distribute genetic mapping information. The database also will serve as a repository for genetic disease information applicable to patient care. First release of GDB is scheduled for September.

With initial support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), and backed by the resources of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Laboratory for Applied Research in Academic Information at the William H. Welch Medical Library, GDB builds on decades of genetic data generation and collection. Johns Hopkins is also home to the On-line Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), developed by geneticist Victor A. McKusick. OMIM will be linked to GDB.

Located at the Welch Library on Johns Hopkins' East Baltimore campus, GDB will collaborate with other publicly and privately managed databases. Through an agreement with the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, for example, GDB will serve as the official database for Human Gene Mapping Workshops 10.5 and 11.

GDB scientific director is Peter L. Pearson, and Richard E. Lucier, director of the Welch Laboratory, is responsible for database development and service aspects. GDB editors, chairs, and cochairs of the Human Gene Mapping Workshops will maintain database quality and currency.

GDB Forum, a quarterly newsletter, will keep members of the scientific and medical communities informed about the development of the Genome Data Base.

To receive this publication, contact:

  • Director - Genome Data Base
    William H. Welch Medical Library
    1830 E. Monument Street, 3rd floor
    Baltimore, MD 21205
    (301) 955-9705
    FAX: (301) 955-0054

Reported by Kim Goad, Publications Coordinator, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

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