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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July 1990; 2(2)

Databases Organize Information Resources

Two databases containing information about other databases related to genome research and genome projects are available to researchers and other persons interested in the Human Genome Project. The Listing of Molecular Biology (LiMB) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) describes the means of accessing and the contents of many foreign and domestic databases related to molecular biology. The Directory of Biotechnology Information Resources (DBIR[TM]) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) contains information on a wide range of resources related to biotechnology.

LiMB Database Available on Disk in Searchable Format
Entries in LiMB provide information such as database history, names and addresses of contact persons, ways to obtain the data, obsolete or incorrect names, types of hardware and software used, limitations on access, and frequency of updates. A dictionary defining the contents of each entry precedes the body of data and makes searching easy.

Currently, the database has 80 entries and is updated about every 6 months. Release 1.2 is now available, and the 2.0 updated version will be offered later this year. The LiMB database is available in searchable format on floppy disk.

DBIR[TM] Database Accessible Online
DBIR,[TM] an online multicomponent biotechnology database, has over 1400 records that are added to and updated monthly; listed organizations and entities are contacted yearly for changes. Included is information on resources such as (1) other computerized databases and their distributors, data networks, electronic bulletin boards, and other computerized resources for collecting and disseminating biotechnology data; (2) publications that focus on biotechnology issues, including directories, serials, monographs, journals, reviews, and compilations; (3) committees addressing issues of nomenclature and standards in biotechnology and molecular biology; (4) biological culture collections and specimen banks; and (5) biotechnology centers and other organizations that foster development. Data is assembled by the American Type Culture Collection.

LiMB contacts:

  • Gifford Keen (LiMB Administrator) and Christian Burks
    Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group, LANL
    (505) 667-9455

The DBIR[TM] database can be accessed online via the NLM TOXNET® in NLM's ELHILL system.

For more information about DBIR,[TM] contact: James J. Ferguson (301) 496-6531

Submitted by Laura N. Yust

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