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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, January 1991; 2(5)

NSF Grants Offered

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate of Biological, Behavioral, and Social Sciences (BBS) has announced that grants are being offered in the following areas:

  1. A cross-disciplinary effort to foster the design, development, implementation, and use of information resources for managing the large amounts of archival information generated by research programs. Eligible activities include:
    • Planning and development of new public-use databases and software, methods, and tools.
    • Scientific data management research.
    • BBS data management training, including conferences and workshops.
    • BBS information management idea exchange.
    • Genomic applications, particularly for nonhuman model species.

    For information, contact Robert Robbins, 202/357-7652.

  2. The Arabidopsis Genome Research Initiative [HGN 2 (3): 13 (September 1990)]. For information, contact Machi Dilworth, 202/357-7652.

To receive NSF grant applications, contact:

  • NSF
    Division of Grants and Contracts
    Washington, DC 20550


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