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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1991; 2(6)

U.K. Human Genome Mapping Project

Project Management Committee

  • Dai Rees (Chair)
  • Martin Borrow
    Guy's Hospital
  • Sydney Brenner
    MRC Molecular Genetics Unit
  • George K. Radda
    MRC Biochemical and Clinical Magnetic Resonance Unit
  • Lewis Wolpert
    Middlesex Hospital Medical School
  • Tony Vickers (Project Manager)

Directed Programme Committee

  • Lewis Wolpert (Chair)
    University College and Middlesex Hospital Medical School
  • Martin Bishop
    MRC Molecular Genetics Unit
  • Martin Bobrow
    Guy's Hospital
  • Sydney Brenner
    MRC Molecular Genetics Unit
  • Roger Craig
    ICI Pharmaceuticals
  • Malcolm Ferguson-Smith
    Cambridge University
  • Peter Goodfellow
  • Nicholas Hastie
    MRC Human Genetics Unit
  • Hans Lehrach
  • Lucio Luzzatto
    MRC/Leukemia Research Fund(LRF), Leukemia Unit
  • Mary Lyon
    MRC Radiobiology Unit
  • Susan Povey
    MRC Human Biochemical Genetics Unit
  • Christopher Rawlings
  • Edwin Southern
    Oxford University
  • John Sulston
    MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Robert Williamson
    St. Mary's Hospital Medical School
  • Tony Vickers (Project Manager)


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Human Genome News

Published from 1989 until 2002, this newsletter facilitated HGP communication, helped prevent duplication of research effort, and informed persons interested in genome research.