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Human Genome News, July 1991; 3(2)

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Receives Human Genome Center Grant

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, has been awarded a $10-million, 5-year grant by the NIH National Center for Human Genome Research to establish a Human Genome Center. Under the leadership of principal investigator Beverly Emanuel and scientific director Robert L. Nussbaum, the new center will focus on the development of human chromosome 22 maps. The first hospital in the nation to be designated a genome center site, the CHOP center will receive $1,966,890 the first year. The research consortium will have collaborative components at the Fox Chase Medical Center and the DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company.

Abnormalities of chromosome 22, the smallest human chromosome, are associated with eight types of cancer and a number of birth defects. By studying the genes on chromosome 22, researchers can begin to understand the causes of these disorders. Investigators will use a variety of new technologies to locate some 300 anchor markers at regular intervals along the chromosome. They will also use yeast artificial chromosomes as cloning vectors to subdivide the chromosome into an ordered collection of DNA fragments. Once isolated, this set of fragments spanning the entire chromosome will be available to the scientific community for use in locating and isolating important genes.

"This Human Genome Center offers a great benefit to society by bringing scientists together to share technology in a cost effective approach to research," Emanuel said. "Over the years, this collaboration should produce great health benefits for future generations of children and adults.


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