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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July 1991; 3(2)

HUGO Plans Single-Chromosome Workshops

Single-chromosome workshops are playing an increasingly important role in the international Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) has made planning and running these workshops a central part of its activities.

HUGO offices in Bethesda (Maryland) and London now keep updated records related to single-chromosome workshop times and locations. The office staff can help with information about funding sources, and a common format for application to funding agencies is being worked out to ease the process of getting financial support.

Persons who know of more contact people for the workshops listed or of plans for other workshops are asked to communicate this information to either of the HUGO offices and to HGMIS for inclusion in the calendar of genome events.

HUGO Americas
c/o Howard Hughes Medical Institute
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Fax: 301/571-0535

HUGO Europe
5th Floor 179 Great Portland Street
London W1N 5TB
(Int.) 44-71/436-7178
Fax: (Int.) 44-71/436-1988

Chromosome Workshop Meeting Dates and Places

  • Chromosome 2
    Washington, D.C.
  • Chromosome 16
    February 1992
    Adelaide, Australia
  • Chromosome 13
    Spring 1992
  • Chromosome 3
  • Chromosome 19
  • Chromosome X

Chromosome Meeting Contacts*

  • 2: N. Spurr [(Int.) 44-707-44444 x 353, Fax: (Int.) 44-707-49527]
  • 16: E. Hildebrand [505/667-2793, Fax: 505/665-3024, E-mail:]; G. Sutherland, [(Int.) 61-8/267-7284, Fax: (Int.) 61-8/239-0417]
  • 13: A. Bowcock [214/688-3388, Fax: 214/688-8617]
  • 3: Y. Nakamura [(Int.) 81-3/3918-0111 x 4501, Fax: (Int.) 81-3/3918-0342]
  • 19: H. H. Ropers [(Int.) 31-80/61-40-17, Fax: (Int.) 31-80/542-151]
  • X: D. Toniolo [(Int.) 39-382/527-967, Fax: (Int.) 39-382/422-286]

*Additional contacts will be listed in later issues as they become known.


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