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Human Genome News, July 1991; 3(2)

Massachusetts Developing Regional Speakers' Bureau

The Massachusetts Genetics Program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Human Genome Task Force, is planning to develop a New England regional speakers' bureau to meet the growing number of requests from educational, religious, medical, and industrial organizations for lecturers, panelists, and experts in human genome research. Speakers may include M.D.s, Ph.D.s, researchers, genetic counselors, consumers, members of families with genetic disease, clergy, ethicists, social workers, nurses, educators, business executives, venture capitalists, and others who can discuss some aspect of the potential impact of data produced by human genome research.

Persons who wish to participate as speakers in this program may obtain a questionnaire from Robin J. R. Blatt at the address below. The returned form will be summarized into a standardized format, collated, and incorporated into a speakers' bureau guide, which will then be distributed to interested individuals and organizations. This speakers' bureau may serve as the beginning of a directory that could eventually be expanded both nationally and internationally.

  • Robin J. R. Blatt, Education Coordinator
    Massachusetts Genetics Program
    MassachusettsDepartment of Public Health
    150 Tremont Street
    Boston, MA 02111
    617/727-5121, Fax: 617/723-1659


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