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Human Genome News, September 1991; 3(3)

Rine Named Acting LBL Center Director

Jasper D. Rine was named on May 13 the Acting Director of the Human Genome Center at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) and to a position in the LBL Cell and Molecular Biology Division, of which the center is a major component. Rine will maintain his current professorship of genetics at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), which he joined in 1982.

"The Human Genome Center at LBL is an opportunity to establish for the biology community the same synergistic relationship between LBL and the UCB campus that exists in physics and chemistry," Rine said. "The Berkeley environment is one of the few places where a major research university and a major DOE facility are physically adjacent, and I believe this proximity can foster interaction to catalyze new scientific discoveries." Rine expects to add an emphasis on genetics and genetic analysis to the current strengths in instrumentation, informatics, and physical mapping.

As a member of the LBL Human Genome Center Advisory Committee, Rine will meet with Cochairs Leroy Hood (California Institute of Technology) and Gerald Rubin (UCB), David Cox (University of California, San Francisco), and David Botstein (Stanford University) to identify priorities in human genome research and to ensure that the work at the center complements the efforts at other laboratories.

Rine holds a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of Oregon and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford University School of Medicine. For a number of years his laboratory research has focused on the use of genetically tractable organisms to study human disease. His more recent research has turned toward developing the methodology for exploiting natural genetic polymorphisms to study the inheritance of natural variation.

Reported by Anne Adamson HGMIS, ORNL

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