Human Genome News, November 1991; 3(4)

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Genome-Related Tutorials Offered

Course on Genomic Information and Ethical Implications

"Ethics and the Human Genome Project" is the topic of an intensive advanced-level course to be offered June 15-19, 1992, at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The course, which will emphasize principles and methods for studying ethical and social issues relevant to mapping and sequencing the human genome, will include an introduction to ethics for genetic scientists and to genetics for medical ethicists. Joint sessions will allow for dialogue between the two groups.

Applications are due March 15, 1992. Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Barbara Brownfield
    Department of Medical History and Ethics, SB-20
    University of Washington School of Medicine
    Seattle, WA 98195

Introductory Linkage Course

A course for researchers who have a basic understanding of linkage analysis but little or no experience in using linkage programs will be held at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City on May 19-22, 1992. Attendance is limited to 25. An advanced linkage course will be held in the fall of 1992.

Topics will include an introduction to linkage analysis; practical aspects of data collection; strategies and methods of linkage analysis; incomplete penetrance; inbreeding loops; simple risk calculations; and an introduction to computer simulation. A major part of the course will consist of exercises using LINKAGE software programs.


  • Katherine Montague
    Fax: 212/568-2750
    BITNET: ott@nyspi


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