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Human Genome News, July 1992; 4(2)

Second Bioethics Seminar

The Second Bioethics Seminar: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Human Genome Research took place March 20-21 in Fukui, Japan. Over 200 participants from Japan and 13 other countries attended the meeting, which was held under the auspices of the Fukui Medical School and the Study Group on Human Genome Research of the Japanese Ministry of Education. The event was cosponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization; the World Health Organization; and other groups.

Speaker abstracts were provided in English and Japanese, and simultaneous translation occurred during the sessions. In lectures and panel discussions, 12 foreign scientists and 30 Japanese speakers from various fields of natural and social science discussed the status of human genome research in Japan; the historical background of bioethics, clinical application, and social issues in medical genetics; the responsibility of scientists; and the results of an international opinion survey. The scientific portion of the meeting was followed by a lecture for the general public.


  • Norio Fujiki
    Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics
    Fukui Medical School
    Matsuokacho, Fukui Pref., 910-11
    (Int.) 81/776-61-3111, ext. 2297
    Fax: (Int.) 81/776-67-8100.


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