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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, September 1992; 4(3)

Upcoming GDB Release: An Improved User Interface

GDB will soon release version 5.0 of its database and its text-based interface software. New features will include (1) an interface that does not use control-K and number keys, (2) access to specific menu choices through "hot key" letters (such as R for Retrieve) consistent across all screens and managers, (3) more efficient screen repainting to eliminate delays, and (4) full point-and-click mouse control for those who access GDB via X-Windows and a network connection. Expanded graphics support will be provided in future releases of GDB.

Accessing GDB via X-Windows can be done easily, provided (1) a single copy of the GDB front-end software is installed on some host on the user's local network and (2) the user's own computer is capable of using generic X-Windows software (available for most systems) to access hosts on the local network. [For information on installing X-Windows GDB when it becomes available, contact GDB User Support in Baltimore.]


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