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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, November 1992; 4(4)

Genome-Related Teacher Workshops

Nine 2-week summer workshops on genetics and bioethics for secondary school biology teachers are scheduled in 1993 at various locations around the country. The workshops are part of Project Genethics, a 3-year program directed by Jon Hendrix and Thomas Mertens (Ball State University) and funded by the National Science Foundation. Attendees, limited to 24 at each workshop, are paid a $600 stipend and receive 4 semester hours of graduate credit. Two Saturday follow-up sessions are conducted at each site during the school year. For an application, call the area mentor teacher listed below after 5 p.m. at home.

  • June 14-25
    Winter Park, FL [M. While, 407/678-1340 or C. Urbano, 517/642-2987]
    Plymouth, MN [E. Thornton, 612/545-8976 or G. Mendenhall, 317/849-3022]
  • June 21-July 2
    Florence, MT [C. Kuchel, 406/273-0207 or D. Brown, 317/747-9529]
  • June 28-July 9
    Maplewood, NJ [L. Rosenbaum, 201/763-6667 or J. Dayner, 201/891-7541]
  • July 5-16
    San Francisco [K. O'Neil, 206/459-5797 or M. McCaffrey, 215/233-4368]
  • July 19-30
    Belmont, MA [G. Taylor, 617/484-1370 or J. Johnson, 407/359-9993]
    Spring, TX [M. Bonetati, 713/353-3223 or J. Bealer, 602/378-6341]
  • August 2-13
    Chicago [R. Yashon, 312/327-5658 or J. Ruhl, 317/463-7012]
    Schenectady, NY [D. Ely, 802/862-5224 or B. Carvellas, 802/863-6560]


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