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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1993; 4(6)

Informatics Resource

Version 3.0 of the Listing of Molecular Biology Databases (LiMB), a tool for locating and accessing data sets and designing and linking pertinent databases, has been released. LiMB contains (1) a brief database list, (2) a data dictionary describing the meanings of fields in a LiMB entry, (3) a full database list, and (4) a cross index of databases and data types. LiMB data are gathered from questionnaires, journals, and the BIOSCI electronic bulletin board.

This preliminary release, to be confirmed by a full questionnaire cycle, offers over 100 databases (25 more entries than release 2.0). To acquire LiMB, send the message text (limb-data) to ( For information only, send the message text (limb-info) to the same address.

Additional copies of LiMB in hardcopy or floppy disk are available on request. [Contact: Christian Burks; LiMB; Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group, T-10, K710; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos, NM 87545 (505/667-7510, Internet:]


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