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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1993; 4(6)


Baylor College of Medicine

(NIH; established 1990)

C. Thomas Caskey
Andrea Ballabio and David L. Nelson, Associate Directors

Sandra McMurtry, Administrator
(713/798-6524, Fax: -5386)

David Nelson

Baylor College of Medicine
Institute for Molecular Genetics
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, TX 77030-3498.

Antonio Baldini, Charles Lawrence, A. Craig Chinault, Edward McCabe, Richard A. Gibbs

Six core facilities provide support for independently funded physical mapping and positional cloning projects and development of technology, with emphasis on chromosomes 6, 15, 17, and X.


  • Identification of several new disease loci, including Fragile X syndrome, DM, CMT disease, Kallman syndrome, and Lowe syndrome.
  • Identification of >1000 YAC clones by PCR screening for target chromosomes.
  • Assembly of contigs in target regions (many contigs >1 Mb from X, 17, 6, and 15).
  • Development of methods for YAC characterization and contig assembly.
  • Development of GDB Lite, a database incorporating GDB chromosome data in a user-friendly format. Also development of a library screening and clone characterization database capable of periodic automatic submission to GDB.
  • Completion of moderate-scale sequencing projects encompassing over 200 kb of human DNA from the X and other chromosomes (including the genes for DMD, XIST, FRAXA, and DM).
  • Establishment of several hundred cell lines from patients with chromosome-linked disorders.
  • Production of detailed physical map of Xpter-Xp21.


  • Total human YAC libraries (CEPH and Washington Univ.).
  • Chromosome X YAC libraries (Baylor and CHOP).
  • Chromosome 17 and X cosmid libraries (LANL, LLNL).
  • Screening service for chromosome 17p.
  • Numerous patient cell lines and chromosome mapping cell panels for 6, 17, and X (hybrids, deletions, etc.).
  • STSs and YACs for many loci on target chromosomes.
  • Database software.
  • NCHGR predoctoral training grant (Chinault).

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