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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1993; 4(6)


University of Iowa Cooperative Human Linkage Center

(NIH; established 1992)

Jeffrey C. Murray

Nancy Newkirk (319/335-6899, Fax: -6970)
Jeffrey Murray (-6946, Fax: -6970;
Cooperative Human Linkage Center
Department of Pediatrics
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Kenneth Buetow (Fox Chase Cancer Center), Geoffrey M. Duyk (Harvard University), James W. Hanson, Val C. Sheffield, James L. Weber (Marshfield Medical Research Foundation), Robert F. Weir


  • Expansion of the linkage map of the entire human genome to an average resolution of 2.5 cM based on high-heterozygosity STRP markers.
  • Evaluation of protection of human subjects and provision of training for social and behavioral scientists on issues of human and molecular genetics.


  • Development of pilot libraries highly enriched for STRPs.
  • Characterization of single-strand conformation and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis polymorphisms in candidate genes for craniofacial and ocular disorders.
  • Preliminary incorporation of CEPH genotypes on new STRP microsatellite markers into preexisting multipoint linkage maps.
  • Construction of multipoint linkage maps using the CEPH database, version 5.0.


  • Laboratories at Marshfield Medical Research Foundation and University of Iowa available for genotyping to establish disease linkages or mutation detection searches for specific gene or genes, with CEPH maps and STRP resources.
  • Training opportunities with travel and stipend support available for secondary science teachers to develop comprehensive understanding of technology and social and ethical issues related to the Human Genome Project.

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