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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, September 1993; 5(3)

Officers, Activities Given for HUGO

Officers of the international Human Genome Organization (HUGO), elected in the fall of 1992, assumed their duties in January of this year. C. Thomas Caskey (Baylor College of Medicine) became HUGO's third President; Ronald G. Worton (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto), Vice President for the Americas; and Diane Hinton (HUGO Americas), Secretary. Other Vice Presidents serving are Andrei Mirzabekov (Englehardt Institute, Moscow) and Kenichi Matsubara (Osaka University). Robert Sparkes (University of California, Los Angeles) is Treasurer.

With over 500 members representing 32 countries, HUGO continues to be the only private organization devoted exclusively to facilitating coordination of worldwide genome research efforts.

Activities initiated recently by HUGO include:

  • Research travel awards (see below).
  • Genome summit planned for January 1994 in Houston to enhance international communication through a gathering of scientific and administrative leaders.
  • Ethics yearbook to create an international resource of scholarly articles and timely bulletins related to activities such as legislative initiatives and meetings [Alexander Capron (University of Southern California) and Bartha Knoppers (University of Montreal)]. Funding for pilot planning is being provided by DOE and the Canadian Genome Project.
  • Human Genome 94 Meeting (in collaboration with Science) to be held October 3-5, 1994, in Washington, D.C.
  • Intellectual property rights meeting for the United States and Canada planned for 1994, with an international conference to follow.

HUGO continues to work closely with international funding agencies on Single Chromosome Workshops, Chromosome Coordinating Meetings (CCMs), and the Human Genome Mapping (HGM) Workshop. CCM 93 and HGM 93 are being held in Japan on November 10-12 and 14-17, 1993, respectively.

HUGO Travel Awards

HUGO has announced new travel awards for short-term laboratory visits by junior investigators who wish to transfer technology or conduct collaborative research with genome laboratories. The awards will cover up to $1500 for travel expenses only. For further information, contact the HUGO Europe or HUGO Americas office.

  • HUGO Europe
    One Park Square West
    London NW1 4LJ, U.K.
    +44/71-935-8085, Fax: -8341
  • HUGO Americas
    7986-D Old Georgetown Road
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    301/654-1477, Fax: /652-3368

HUGO Council
Terms Ending 1995

  • Walter Bodmer, United Kingdom
  • C. Thomas Caskey, United States
  • David Cox, United States
  • Victor McKusick, United States
  • Gert-Jan van Ommen, Netherlands
  • Ronald Worton, Canada

Terms Ending 1994

  • Kay Davies, United Kingdom
  • Eric Lander, United States
  • Jean-Louis Mandel, France
  • Kenichi Matsubara, Japan
  • Ulf Pettersson, Sweden
  • Nobuyoshi Shimizu, Japan

Terms Ending 1993

  • Francis Collins, United States
  • John Evans, United Kingdom
  • Leroy Hood, United States
  • Andrei Mirzabekov, Russia
  • Grant Sutherland, Australia
  • James Wyngaarden, United States

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