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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, November 1993: 5(4)

Center Releases Updated Mouse Genetic Map

The fourth release of the Whitehead Institute/Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Genome Center Genetic Map of the Mouse became available in October. This map consists primarily of randomly chosen simple-sequence length polymorphisms (SSLPs) (microsatellites) that can be detected using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), as described by W. Dietrich, et al. [Genetics 131, 423-447 (1992)]. The released map contains 2006 markers that fall into 20 linkage groups spanning about 1470 cM with an average spacing of less than 1 cM.

Data Access Information

  • 1. Anonymous ftp to; login, anonymous; password, user e-mail address. The release can be found in the directory /distribution/mouse_sslp_release/ oct93/. The file README describes the file format and gives other map information.

    2. Internet e-mail using a database e-mail server. Locus and assay names of mapped SSLPs, forward and reverse primer sequences, genotypes of loci on the mapping cross, sizes of PCR products on selected standard inbred strains, and other useful information can be obtained. Markers can be requested by name, chromosome, map position, or other criteria such as informativeness.

    To obtain copies of the most current e-mail query forms with instructions for their use, send a message to genome_database@ genome.wi. with help in either the subject line or body text. The completed form should be sent to; answers will be returned automatically.

    New markers added to the map will be released near the first of each quarter in 1994. Contact: Lincoln Stein; Whitehead Institute/MIT Genome Center; 9 Cambridge Center; Cambridge, MA 02142 (617/252-1916, Fax: -1902, Internet:

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