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Human Genome News, March 1994; 5(6)

Judicial Reference Book Project

The reference book project operates in five steps for each subject area. A draft book for each area is produced by project staff, with assistance from expert consultants as needed. A workshop is then held for judges, lawyers, scientists, and other interested persons to review each book for accuracy, objectivity, balance, clarity, usefulness, and completeness. After workshop revisions are incorporated, the near-final book is circulated to workshop panelists and advisory committee members for further review and revision. The completed books, which will be distributed in late 1994 and early 1995 at basic cost to state and federal courts, will be useful not only as references for judges but also as curriculum sources for judicial educators.

Tentative book titles are noted below. Workshop sites and dates are listed within brackets with the names of presiding judges.

  • Adjudication of Forensic DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases [Washington, D.C., June 1993; Hon. Shirley S. Abrahamson (Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court)].
  • Adjudication of Genetic-Testing and Gene-Therapy Cases [Washington, D.C., December 1993; Hon. Sherman G. Finesilver (Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado)].
  • Neuroscience Evidence in Competency and Guardianship Adjudication of the Senile Dementias [Scheduled for April in Sarasota, Fla.; Hon. Stephen L. Dakan (Presiding Judge, 12th Circuit Court of Florida)].
  • Medical Practice Guidelines as Scientific Evidence in Health-Care Cases [Scheduled for May in Milwaukee, Wis.; Hon. Patrick T. Sheedy (Chief Judge, Circuit Court of Milwaukee County)].
  • Neuroscience Evidence in Criminal Adjudication of Addictive Disorders [Scheduled for November in Houston, Tex.; Hon. Thomas J. Stovall (Presiding Judge, Second Administrative Judicial Region) and Hon. Miron Love (Presiding Judge, Courts of Harris County, Texas)].
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