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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, March 1994; 5(6)

DOE Human Genome Program Funding Opportunities

The DOE Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER) invites applications in support of the following programs. Solicitations were announced in Federal Register 59(34), 8183-85 (February 18) and in recent issues of Science and other publications. Receipt date for preproposals (strongly encouraged): April 15; formal proposals: July 14.

  • Technological Advances: Program Notice 94-12. Development of large-scale human genome sequencing that may include supportive mapping and automation; cost-effective DNA sequencing systems that promise more than a tenfold improvement in throughput; software and resources for real-time analysis and annotation of data from high-speed DNA sequencing systems; and resources for facile entry and retrieval of data in community genome maps and DNA sequence databases, including coordinated entry or retrieval across multiple, complementary databases. [Contact: David Smith, OHER, ER-72 (GTN); DOE OHER; Washington, DC 20585 (301/903-6488, Internet:]
  • Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI): Program Notice 94-13. Multidisciplinary, empirical research on privacy issues arising from the creation, use, maintenance, and disclosure of genetic information, including its ownership, control, and protection. Preparation and dissemination of educational materials. Planning and implementation of OHER conferences on specific issues related to ELSI. [Contact: Daniel Drell at address above.]

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Human Genome Project 1990–2003

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international 13-year effort, 1990 to 2003. Primary goals were to discover the complete set of human genes and make them accessible for further biological study, and determine the complete sequence of DNA bases in the human genome. See Timeline for more HGP history.

Human Genome News

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