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Human Genome News, March 1994; 5(6)

IBC Explores Bioethics Pact

The International Bioethics Committee (IBC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is working toward an ethics-based international agreement concerning human genome research and its applications. The committee, appointed to 4-year terms (1993-96) by the UNESCO Director General, is composed of 50 members from the disciplines of biology, genetics, medicine, law, philosophy, and the social and human sciences. Chaired by Noelle Lenoir, member of the Constitutional Court of France, IBC held eight workshops in 1993 to consider ethical issues associated with genome research, embryology, neuroscience, genetic therapy, and genetic tests. At the general meeting in September 1993, the Scientific and Technical Orientation Group presented a report recommending the development of an international standard-setting instrument to protect the human genome. In 1994 IBC will explore (1) the form and content of such an instrument and (2) additional topics related to implications of genetic research. [Contact: George B. Kutukdjian; UNESCO; Place de Fontenoy, 7; 75006 Paris Cedex (+33/1-4568-3814; Fax: -4506-0772).


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