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Human Genome News, May 1994; 6(1)

Chromosome 4 Networking

An e-mail message may be sent to everyone on the Stanford University Human Genome Mapping Center (HGMC) chromosome 4 mailing list by ftp at the address chrom4@toolik.stanford.edu. To see the mailing list, log on by anonymous ftp and retrieve the file chrom4_ftp_list from the directory pub/hgmc/misc.

Primer pairs are obtainable from Research Genetics for 935 HGMC sequence tagged sites (STSs) on human chromosome 4 [see Human Molecular Genetics 2(8), 1271þ88 (1993)]. Details of all the STSs-including names, Genome Data Base locus names, GenBank accession numbers, primer sequences, polymerase chain reaction fragment size, and bin number-are available on the anonymous ftp server (toolik.stanford.edu) in the pub/hgmc/sts_data directory. Requests to Research Genetics should state that the STSs are from HGMC and should include locus name and STS name. [Research Genetics; 2130 Memorial Parkway SW; Huntsville, AL 35801 (800/533-4363 or 205/533-4363, Fax: /536-9016; United Kingdom, 800/89-1393)].


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