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Human Genome News, May 1994; 6(1)

Newsletter on Software for Technology Transfer

A quarterly newsletter describes U.S. government software available for commercialization and use from DOE and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Software Technology Transfer abstracts new and updated software packages and includes articles about companies and people who have made successful use of federally developed software. A bulletin board announces upcoming related events. The newsletter is published by COSMIC, the NASA Software Technology Transfer Center; the Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC); and the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) of the Department of Commerce.

COSMIC, the central repository for software developed under NASA funding, offers the following services:

  • Annual printed catalog.
  • Free subscription to Software Technology Transfer (available in United States only).
  • Custom inventory search based on requester's key words.
  • Periodic e-mail press releases about new and updated programs.
  • E-mail user group conferences for computer programs CLIPS, TAE+, NETS, FEAT, and NQS.

Contact: COSMIC Product Information; University of Georgia; 382 East Broad Street; Athens, GA 30602-4272 (706/542-3265, Fax: -4807; Internet: service@cosmic.uga.edu).

ESTSC is the centralized management facility for software packages sponsored by DOE or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The center has about 200 NRC and 500 DOE technical and scientific packages ready for purchase and several hundred that can be made ready on request.

Contact: ESTSC; P.O. Box 1020; Oak Ridge, TN 37831-1020 (615/576-2606, Fax: -2865, Internet: estsc@adonis.osti.gov).

NTIS, the leading U.S. government agency in technical information exchange, uses the following methods to inform audiences about its services:

  • Announces and provides technical reports of R&D and engineering activities sponsored by the United States and foreign governments.
  • Manages the Federal Computer Products Center, which provides access to software, data files, and databases produced by federal agencies.
  • Manages the Center for the Utilization of Federal Technology (CUFT), which runs the most active invention-licensing program in the U.S. government. CUFT also links U.S. firms to federal laboratory contacts and technologies with its directories and catalogs.
  • Announces new R&D efforts from such leading industrialized nations as Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.

Contact: NTIS; U.S. Department of Commerce; 5285 Port Royal Road; Springfield, VA 22161 (703/487-4807, Fax: 321-8547).


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