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Human Genome News, May 1994; 6(1)

Welcome to the HGN Acronym Listing

This acronym listing is prepared for Human Genome News by K. Alicia Davidson of the Human Genome Management Information System at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). To subscribe to a hard copy of HGN, contact Betty Mansfield, HGMIS; ORNL; 1060 Commerce Park, MS 6480; Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (615/576-6669, Fax:/574-9888, Internet: bkq@ornl.gov).

  • ACS American Chemical Society
  • AMIA American Medical Informatics Association
  • BTP Biotechnology Training Programs
  • CATCMB/CUA Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology/Catholic Univ. of America
  • CFF Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • CIMB Center for International Meeting on Biology
  • CSHL Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • DOE Department of Energy
  • ELSI Ethical, Legal, & Social Issues
  • ERI Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
  • FASEB Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • HGP Human Genome Project
  • IBC International Business Community
  • IMA Institute for Mathematics and its Application
  • ISMB Intelligent System for Molecular Biology
  • LTI Life Technologies, Inc.
  • MBL Marine Biological Laboratory
  • NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • NIH National Institutes of Health
  • NSGC National Society of Genetic Counselors
  • UMBC University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • WLMG Wellcome Laboratory for Molecular Genetics

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Human Genome Project 1990–2003

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Human Genome News

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