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Human Genome News, Jan.-Feb. 1995; 6(5): 17

HUGO Chromosome Committee Report Planned for Spring

In the two decades since the first Human Gene Mapping (HGM) conference in 1973, the number of known human genes, as reflected in the Genome Data Base (GDB), has grown to more than 5000. An annual compendium of these data is usually coupled with a conference such as HGM or the Chromosome Coordinating meeting. Following the trend of the past 2 years, Human Gene Mapping 1994 will be published this spring.

The report will reflect GDB data through mid-December 1994 from each Human Genome Organisation committee: chromosome, nomenclature, comparative mapping, human mitochondrial DNA, and neoplasia. As with the previous two reports, A. Jamie Cuticchia (GDB and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) will serve as primary editor.

[2013 Post-publication note: GDB is no longer active. See instead.]

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