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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, Jan.-Feb. 1995; 6(5): 17

New WWW Queries for GDB ID, Submissions, SQL

Four new applications are available from the WWW GDB Browser through the GDB Home Page ( first three applications are located near the top of the GDB Browser page, and the last is near the bottom.

  • GDB ID Query allows searching by single number, list or range of numbers, and GDB data type. Retrieved GDB ID numbers are linked to detailed object data.
  • Submission ID Query allows direct searching for a GDB Submission ID as given in a publication or linked to a GDB contact. Retrieved data includes information about the submission itself and the GDB ID numbers for all objects that are part of the submission set.
  • Ad Hoc SQL Query provides access to publicly available GDB databases.
  • GDB Schema Browser, which includes a link to GDB Schema Diagrams, is a tool for looking at descriptions and definitions of objects in databases associated with GDB.

2013 post-production note: GDB (Wikipedia) is no longer operational. See



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