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Human Genome News, Mar.-Apr. 1995; 6(6)

Jackson Laboratory Announces Mouse Genome Database

The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, has announced that the Mouse Genome Database (MGD) superseded the Genomic Database of the Mouse (GBASE) on January 31. MGD will accommodate rapid data growth and changing information needs, taking advantage of software and network improvements. MGD includes all former GBASE data and is integrated with the Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome, an application that generates a graphical display of mouse genetic linkage maps using MGD mouse locus and homology information. [Bioinformatics Home Page: http://www.informatics.jax.org, user support: mgi-help@informatics.jax.org (207/288-3371 ext. 1900, Fax: -2516)]

Release #9 of the Whitehead Institute-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) mouse genetic maps is available through MGD and the mouse encyclopedia. Data have been incorporated into locus information tables, PCR primer RFLP tables, and a new set of MIT data files for the encyclopedia. Files may be downloaded from the encyclopedia Home Page (no longer available, see http://www.jax.org/).

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