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Human Genome News, May-June 1995; 7(1)


Wisconsin BioIssues

The June issue of Wisconsin BioIssues, published by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center (UWBC), focuses on biotechnology education and resources. Subscriptions free. [UWBC Documents; 1710 University Ave.; Madison, WI 53705 (608/262-2604, Fax: -6748)]

NSF Publishes Arabidopsis Booklet

Multinational Coordinated Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Research Project. Progress Report: Year Four (1995, NSF 95-43) summarizes project status and achievements and makes recommendations for the future. The 48-page booklet includes traditional scientific reports and a collection of brief articles for a more general audience. The text is available electronically via the Internet on the National Science Foundation Home Page (http://www.nsf.gov), and a hard copy may be ordered at pubs@nsf.gov. [Contact: Machi Dilworth (703/306-1422, mdilwort@nsf.gov)]

Mouse Genetics Book

Mouse Genetics: Concepts and Applications by Lee M. Silver (Princeton University) is designed for both advanced students and practicing scientists interested in understanding and using the mouse as a model system for genomic analysis. The first half of the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the mouse, including a history of the field; mouse phylogenetic relationships; standard crosses, nomenclature, and specialized strains; reproduction and breeding; genome organization and evolution; and an overview of mutagenesis and transgenesis.The second half is aimed at the practicing geneticist, with detailed approaches to breeding experiments and interpreting mapping data. A discussion of statistical analysis as it applies to well-defined experimental crosses is provided, along with graphs and tables for interpreting linkage data derived from recombinant inbred strain and backcross studies. Although focused on the mouse as a model system, much of the material applies equally to mapping studies in other experimental mammals. 1995, 376 pages. [Oxford University Press (800/451-7556)]

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