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Human Genome News, May-June 1995; 7(1)

Web Activities

Chromosome 9 Workshop

The full report and abstracts from the 1995 Chromosome 9 Workshop are available in hypertext form via the Chromosome 9 Home Page (http://www.gene.ucl.ac.uk/chr9home.html) or by ftp from ftp.gene.ucl.ac.uk as .txt files in the pub/c9workshop/1995 directory. [Comments or electronic problems: John Attwood (john@mrc-hbgu.ucl.ac.uk)]

Chromosome X Virtual Workshop

To accompany the June 15-18 X Chromosome Workshop in Banff, Alberta, a "virtual" workshop is being assembled by Bob Cottingham and David Nelson (both at Baylor College of Medicine) at http://gc.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/chrx/home.html . Through this page, users can participate in online dialog about X chromosome mapping and access workshop details and a list of participants and abstracts.

Web Site

Jurg Ott's group (Columbia University) recently set up a WWW site that includes announcements on genetic linkage courses, newsletters, software, and publications (http://linkage.cpmc.columbia.edu). Linkage-analysis packages are also available via ftp (ftp linkage.cpmc.columbia.edu ).

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