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Human Genome News, July-August 1995; 7(2):3

News from Baylor

Search Launcher Adds Features, Interface

New additions have been made to the BCM Search Launcher WWW page at http://gc.bcm.tmc.edu:8088/search-launcher/launcher.html [HGN 7(1), 12 (May-June 1995)]:

  • Nucleic Acids Sequence Search Page has added BEAUTY-X, a BLASTX version of BEAUTY that adds sequence family membership and conserved and annotated domain information to BLAST searches.
  • Gene Feature Search Page accesses servers that can search nucleic acid sequences for exons, introns, and open reading frames to determine the protein-coding potential of a DNA sequence (e.g., using GRAIL or GeneFinder).
  • Sequence Utilities Page allows conversion between different sequence formats; and six-frame translation,reverse complementation, and restriction mapping of nucleic acid sequences.
  • Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Page provides access to servers with applicable programs as well as launches to e-mail servers.
  • Multiple Sequence Alignments Page has added BlockMaker from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

In addition, a new UNIX and Macintosh batch interface to the Search Launcher is now available. This program automatically reads multiple sequences from one or more input files, runs specified searches in the background (one at a time), then stores the results as individual HTML documents that can be read later using Mosaic or Netscape.[Randall F. Smith, BCM]

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