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Human Genome News, July-August 1995; 7(2):4

DOE Postdoctoral Fellows Named

DOE has announced the award of six 1995 Human Genome Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships to conduct research for up to 2 years at university or DOE laboratories. These fellowships were initiated by DOE to develop tools, technologies, and resources for deciphering the molecular nature of the human genome and to support related research. Winners were chosen from a field of applicants who received their doctoral degrees after April 30, 1993.

Listed below are the name of each fellow, university of doctoral degree, host laboratory and research mentor, and research topic.

Evan Eichler (Baylor College of Medicine): Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Harvey Mohrenweiser. Identification, organization, and characterization of zinc finger genes in a 2-Mb cluster on 19p12.

Kelly Ann Frazer (University of California, San Francisco): Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Eddie Rubin. In vivo complementation of the murine mutations grizzled, mocha, and jitteri.

Soo-in Hwang (University of California, Berkeley): Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Joe Gray. Positional cloning of oncogenes on 20q13.2.

James Labrenz (University of California, Los Angeles): University of Washington, Seattle (UWS), Tim Hunkapiller. Error analysis of principal sequencing data and its role in process optimization for genome-scale sequencing projects.

Marie Ruiz-Martinez [Northeastern University (NU)]: NU, Barry Karger. Multiplex purification schemes for DNA sequencing reaction products: application to gel-filled capillary electrophoresis.

Todd Smith (UWS): UWS, Leroy Hood. Managing the flow of large-scale DNA sequence information.

These fellows are the last to be appointed under this program. In the future, human genome researchers will be eligible for the Alexander Hollaender Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships, which offer appointments in the life, biomedical, and environmental sciences. The next application deadline is January 15, 1996. For information on this and other postdoctoral opportunities, go to Human Genome Funding Information.

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