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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, July-August 1995; 7(2):9

Data Submitted to GDB

This summer, a significant amount of mapping and reagent data was loaded into GDB electronically, either through direct submission by researchers or by download and processing of public data by GDB staff.

During the one-month period between July 19 and August 18, submission of 5387 PCR probes, 6100 clone probes, and 4983 D-segments boosted GDB totals for each object by 17%, 2%, and 7%, respectively.

Below are samples showing sites from which data was received and GDB submission numbers. For information about submitted data, use the Submission ID Query available from the GDB Browser on any GDB Web server.

[Data-submission questions:]

Some Data Sources and GDB I.D. Numbers

Généthon               G00-598-851
Washington University    G00-600-051
dbEST                 G00-601-421
IMAGE consortium     G00-615-188
European Bioinformatics Institute       G00-618-869
Whitehead Institute (MIT)   G00-626-152

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