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Human Genome News, September-December 1995; 7(3-4):15

GDB Makes New Appointments

Operations Director

Bob Cottingham, formerly of the Human Genome Center at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, has joined the Genome Data Base as Operations Director. The announcement was made by Managing Director David Kingsbury and Informatics Director Ken Fasman. "In addition to his administrative responsibilities," Fasman said, "Cottingham will oversee day-to-day operations, including user support and data curation and dissemination."

"GDB will continue to play a key role in the Human Genome Project and must be responsive to the changing needs of a very diverse user community," remarked Cottingham. "I'm looking forward to the challenge and to working with our creative and dedicated staff."

Cottingham's appointment became effective September 1. Said Kingsbury, "We hope the community shares our enthusiasm and excitement and will join us in welcoming Bob to GDB."

Acting Director, Data Acquisition and Curation

GDB also appointed Michael A. Chipperfield as Acting Director of Data Acquisition and Curation, effective October 1. Chipperfield assumed the position held for the past 4 years by A. Jamie Cuticchia, who recently joined the newly expanded genome informatics group at MITRE Corporation of McLean, Virginia. Cuticchia was instrumental in promoting GDB resources and establishing procedures for data collection and management.

Chipperfield, a former member of the Human Gene Mapping Library staff at Yale, continued to serve the community as Deputy Director of the data group when GDB was established at Johns Hopkins University. As Acting Director, his responsibilities include oversight of data group activities and continued interaction with Single Chromosome Workshops and Human Genome Organisation editors. When GDB 6.0 is released, the data group will play an important role in assisting the community with the transition to direct editorial and curatorial capabilities.

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