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Human Genome News, January-March 1996; 7(5)

Nomenclature Recommendations Update

ISCN 1995: An International System for Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature, edited by Felix Mitelman (University of Lund, Sweden), was finalized in October 1994 and published in 1995. The report combines and extends the system of human cytogenetic nomenclature prepared by expert committees and published since 1963 in or with Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. All previous human cytogenetic nomenclature recommendations are updated, corrected, and combined into one systematically organized publication. A foldout composite is included of the normal human karyotype, consisting of photographs of G-banded and R-banded chromosomes at the commonly examined 550-band resolution stage; foldouts are also sold separately in sets of 5. Soft cover, 114 pp. [S. Karger Publishers; Farmington, CT (800/828-5479 or 860/675-7834, Fax: -7302)]

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