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Human Genome News Archive Edition

Human Genome News, January-March 1996; 7(5)

DOE Office of Energy Research Invites Grant Applications

Notice 96-08: Promote substantive improvements in high-throughput, integrated approaches to large-scale human genome sequencing and its analysis.

Solicited topics: (1) supportive instrumentation and automation systems; (2) assembly of multimegabase-scale, ordered, sequence-ready DNA clones; (3) informatics for the rapid assembly, analysis, and annotation of data from high-throughput sequencing; and (4) informatics for facile submission, retrieval, and visualization of data for single or multiple related databases. These databases specifically include the Genome Database and Genome Sequence Data Base.

Notice 96-09. Address ethical, legal, and social issues that may arise from the use of information and knowledge resulting from the Human Genome Project.

These may include issues of privacy, confidentiality, ownership, control, and commercialization of genetic information.

Due Dates: Preapplications: March 28, 1996; applications: July 11, 1996.

Information contacts: 301/903-6488, Fax: -8521, Notice 96-08, Topic 1: Gerald Goldstein, Topic 2: Marvin Stodolsky, Topics 3 and 4, Jay Snoddy. Notice 96-09: Dan Drell.

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