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Human Genome News, April-June 1996; 7(6)

Library Screening Services

  • A copy of the 3x coverage RPCI-1 human genomic PAC library, developed by Pieter de Jong (Roswell Park Cancer Institute) under DOE sponsorship, has been deposited at BIOS Laboratories. The library is available as a screening service individually or in combination with FISH mapping and chromosome localization with somatic cell hybrid panels. The dual mapping results confirm gene localizations to specific human cytogenetic bands. (BIOS Laboratories: 800/678-9487 or 203/773-1450, Fax: 800/315-7435)
  • Genome Systems offers custom PCR or hybridization screening of three human libraries. The PAC library is from de Jong's laboratory; P1 and BAC libraries were developed using DNA from an anonymous source. Genome Systems also offers preparation and sequencing of genomic clones and chromosomal localization via FISH. (Genome Systems: 800/430-0030, Fax: 314/692-0044, genome@mo.net, http://www.genomesystems.com/)

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