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Human Genome News, July-September 1996; 8(1)

Genomes, Molecular Biology, and Drug Discovery

Genomes, Molecular Biology, and Drug Discovery is based on the Seventh SmithKline Beecham International Symposium held in Cambridge, England, in March 1995. The symposium was devoted to consideration of what the various genome projects can deliver and how that information can be used to generate new therapeutics for superior and better-targeted health care. Edited by Michael J. Browne and Peter Thurlby of SmithKline Beecham, the book includes 11 technical papers on speeding up the discovery of human genes, particularly disease genes, and the identification of new targets for drug development. Such subjects as ESTs, protein structure prediction, monoclonal antibodies, and retroviral vectors are explored, and an appendix of poster abstracts is included. 196 pp., 1996. [Academic Press; 1260 Sixth Ave.; San Diego, CA 92101 (619/699-6742)].

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