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Human Genome News, July-September 1996; 8:(1)

GSDB Conversion Complete

Genome Sequence Data Base recently announced that the GSDB conversion is complete. GSDB 1.0 includes all public DNA sequence and feature data, which are accessible via their individual GSDB - accession numbers or their international collaboration accession numbers. GSDB 1.0 also supports a variety of such new data types as discontiguous sequences, alignments, sequence confidence values, and analysis results.

Bulk submissions can be made with the new GSDB Input-Output (GIO) format. Individual sequence submissions or feature updates can be made through the GSDB Annotator (see below). Basic sequence and feature retrieval and advanced query methods are available from the Web site. GSDB staff are available to help with submissions or Web queries.

The new GSDB Annotator (beta version) is a graphical client server application for Macintosh or Sun that allows users direct account-controlled read-and-write access to the database. [Information: http://www.ncgr.org/ or 505/982-7840]

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