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Human Genome News, July-September 1996; 8(1)

Fasman and Letovsky to Assume New GDB Roles

Effective September 1, Ken Fasman became Director of Research and Development for the Genome Database. He will be based at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research MIT Center for Genome Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While at the center, Fasman will focus on long-range design issues, particularly the integration of mapping and sequencing data. This move presents an excellent opportunity for GDB to benefit from an active collaboration with a major center for human genome mapping and sequencing.

Stanley Letovsky, formerly Deputy Director of GDB Informatics, takes over as Director. Letovsky has done pioneering research on software to integrate databases into the World Wide Web as well as on methods for combining different sources of genome mapping data. As Informatics Director, he will focus initially on extending GDB with gene-function information and on supporting enhanced queries that combine positional and functional constraints.

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