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Human Genome News, January-June 1997; 8:(3-4)

Whitehead-MIT Teams with Consortium

A new consortium of companies has signed a 5-year arrangement with Eric Lander's group at Whitehead Institute-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WIMIT) to develop automated systems for analyzing gene and protein activities in normal and diseases cells. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Affymetrix, and Milennium Pharmaceuticals are contributing $40 million in cash and equipment in return for commercial rights to technologies developed under the program.

WIMIT Resources

  • Mouse Data Release 13.
    In March, the WIMIT Center for Genome Research (CGR) announced Data Release 13 of the Mouse Genomic Mapping Project (http://www.broad.mit.edu/cgi-bin/mouse/index). CGR is constructing a mouse physical map to consist of 10,000-markers, many of which are single-sequence length polymorphisms from the mouse genetic map; random STSs are being added to reach the 10,000-marker total. In Release 13, data are included for 6018 markers successfully screened against a mouse YAC library. Some 4917 markers have been placed into singly linked physical map contigs, and 4191 are in doubly linked contigs.
  • Completed Mouse Genetic Map.
    The July 1996 data release was WIMIT CGR's final release of the mouse genetic map. It reflects data represented in the March 14, 1996, issue of Nature; also see Genetics 131, 4213-47 (1992) for descriptions of materials and methods used to construct both maps.
  • Human Physical Map Update.
    The updated 11th release from the Human Physical Mapping Project is available via ftp (ftp://ftp-genome.wi.mit.edu) and the Web (http://www.broad.mit.edu/). This release contains radiation hybrid data for 14,308 STSs screened on the Genebridge4 Panel, representing an additional 1700 mapped ESTs since the October 1996 release. The current integrated map contains 11,722 ESTs and 24,230 total markers.

2013: Post-production note: Many of the mouse resources have changed since this article was written. http://www.informatics.jax.org/ is a current, comprehensive resource.

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