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Human Genome News, January-June 1997; 8:(3-4)

Funding Opportunities


National Research Service Award Fellowships

Topic: To engage in research relevant to the Human Genome Project. Postdoctoral, senior postdoctoral, and minority predoctoral fellowships are available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents; research in ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) is not open to predoctoral students through this program.

  • Applications for postdoctoral and senior postdoctoral: December 5, April 5, and August 5
  • Applications for minority predoctoral: May 1 and November 15
  • Contacts: ELSI topics, Eric Meslin (301/402-4997, eric_meslin@nih.gov); all other topics, Bettie Graham (301/496-7531, bettie_graham@nih.gov)

Mapping, Sequencing, Analysis Technologies


Topic: Develop new or significantly improved technologies to facilitate and accelerate genome mapping, sequencing, and analysis. Resources produced will be used to further the study of diseases and other biological phenomena. (Supported by R01, R29, and P01 grants.)

Pilot Projects, PA-97-045

Topic: Pilot projects or feasibility studies to develop technologies as in PA-947-044. The purpose of this program is to encourage high-risk, high-potential technologies that are not yet developed fully enough to compete successfully for a standard R01 grant. (Supported by the exploratory R21 mechanism.)

  • Application receipt dates for both topics: February 1, June 1, and October 1
  • Contact for both topics: Bettie Graham (301/496-7531, bettie_graham@nih.gov)

Low-Cost, High-Accuracy DNA Sequencing Technologies

RFA HG-97-002

Topic: To stimulate research on next-generation technologies that have the potential to reduce significantly the cost of high-accuracy genomic DNA sequencing.

  • Letter of intent: August 1, 1997
  • Application receipt: October 16, 1997
  • Contact: Jeffrey Schloss (301/496-7531, jeff_schloss@nih.gov)

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