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Vol.9, No.3   July 1998

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NCGR Announcements

The National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) in Santa Fe, New Mexico (http://www.ncgr.org), made the following announcements in its July newsletter:

  • NCGR welcomes its new chief scientific officer, Michael M. Harpold, who most recently served as vice-president of research at SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc. Harpold will fulfill a critical role in NCGR's efforts to enhance its bioinformatics and computational biology initiatives related to Genome Sequence DataBase (GSDB) and Agricultural Genomics.
  • A 64-Processor Sun HPC 10000 server, popularly known as the Starfire, has been added to serve the center's databases and computing needs. The powerful Starfire is particularly well suited to NCGR because it can be partitioned into Dynamic System Domains, which are separate, smaller computers with the ability to allocate resources between them on the fly.
  • GSDB is adding the DeCypher ES-1920 server to provide users with access to Smith-Waterman and other powerful search algorithms. The new hardware will be beta tested and fully implemented before its public debut, expected in September.

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